We partner with early-stage startups to help them produce their initial MVP's and bring their ideas to market. We're ready to fill whatever gaps you've got in your startup talent pool, from data architecture, web services, and mobile applications to mobile strategy, onboarding and retention, and social marketing.  


Mature Companies


Is your primary business NOT technology?

We help so-called "normal" businesses in sectors such as Financial, Medical, Real Estate, and Transportation.  We can help provide you with mobile applications for Line of Business, Advertising, and Integrated Marketing  needs.  Contact us if you have an idea already, or are curious how a mobile application might benefit your particular business.  

Do you have a development or I.T. team already?

Even dedicated technology companies might not have a need for a full-time mobile developer on staff.  We can help kickstart your mobile development efforts by providing development resources for actual implementation, knowledge resources to help your existing developers get up to speed or solve those tricky problems, or strategic advice on adopting a mobile strategy for your business..

Do you already have an existing application?

Is your existing application looking a little long in the tooth?  Does it crash randomly because it hasn't been updated in years and the original developer has long since disappeared?  Or is your staff just too busy with your core business?  We can help.  We can take your existing application and get it updated, working, and looking like a million dollars.



Some of Our Projects

CDL Warrior

Tools for truck drivers and fleets

We helped CDL Warrior evaluate and remediate their existing Android application and backend environment.  We then implemented a brand new iOS app to help them driver user engagement and bring their service to a broader part of the Trucking marketplace.


Truck It OKC

Bringing Food trucks and hungry people together in Oklahoma City

We took Truck It OKC all the way from concept to design to final product.  We created an initial iOS app to prove market opportunity and fit, and then went on to refine and enhance the iOS app and at the same time got an Android version up to speed as well.  We also developed the backend database, web services, and administration tools that drive both the iOS and Android applications.   


Whose Your Landlord

Like "Yelp" for landlords

WYL is a Philadelphia based startup that aims to help balance the power imbalance between renters and landlords.  Using their existing web application as a guideline, we designed and implemented an MVP version of an iOS app for them.


An interest-based social network

We worked with Communly to help adapt their existing web-based application and implement and test a set of APIs.  We then iterated through several versions of an iOS Application as we experimented with on boarding and retention metrics.  Ultimately, those metrics helped Communly to decide to pivot on their initial focus.  The Communly iOS app is currently unavailable as they explore new directions.