What We Do


Many development agencies would use this section to list a plethora of technologies they use, or features they support, or just spew a bunch of business nonsense like "leveraging synergy".  But if you ask a carpenter what he does, he doesn't say: Saw Wood; Hammer Nails; Sand Things Smooth;  No, he says that he builds frames, or houses or furnitures.  So when you ask us what we do, we're problem solvers.  And like a carpenter, we have many tools at our disposal for solving those problems.

Our specialty is the design and development of iPhone, iPad and Android applications with a customer-focused and value-driven approach. Mobile solutions are often more than “just an app”. We work with our clients to assess their needs and outline a mobile strategy to achieve their goals. Using this strategy, we’ve delivered successful solutions to clients ranging from small local businesses and non-profit agencies to the largest regional corporations like UPMC and Giant Eagle.

Even though mobile is our specialty, like the carpenter, we can leverage our tools for many needs.  We're also plugged in to the wider development community and can provide advice and referrals on choosing other solution providers.